Comets News · Important Athletic Updates – Uniforms, Awards, Pay to Participate


  1. We will be collecting ALL high school and middle school uniforms next week. Collection times will be on Wednesday, May 13th from 5pm-8pm and Thursday, May 14th from 10am-4pm at the high school. Due to construction on Portage Lakes Drive, you must enter via Manchester Road and pull around to the front of the building. Uniforms must be washed and placed in a grocery or Ziplock bag with your athlete’s name and sport visible somewhere on the bag. If you cannot come either day, uniforms should be sent in with a friend, neighbor, or relative. Any uniform not turned in will result in a fine added to your student’s fees. Please email me at or call at 330-644-3004 ext. 624016 if you have any questions about uniform turn in.
  2. Spring sports letters will be awarded to ALL seniors and returning letter winners. These letters will be handed out during uniform turn in. Underclassmen who earn spring letters next year will have that count as both a first and second year letter.
  3. Spring sports pay to participate refunds will be issued via the treasurer’s office. Those checks should be in the mail later next week.
  4. Tryouts for both the high school and middle school cheerleading teams will be held virtually. Next year’s high schoolers should contact Coach Belknap and next year’s 7th/8th graders should contact Coach Jenn. Please check for all the contact information and more details regarding those tryouts.